Attend Garba, Dandiya, Navratri

Attend Garba, Dandiya, Navratri 1510

Attend Garba, Dandiya, Navratri‘: How is the festival of Hindus involved in Garba Navaratri?


Answer:   حامدا و مصلیا و مسلما

Attend Garba, Dandiya, Navratri“: Navaratri is a religious festival of Hindus, in which it enters the statue of Amba Devi and worshiping it, attending it is a crime equal to worshiping Garrullah,( Non god) which is a bad and severe crime.

It is not permissible to do anything other than Qaba Sharif, besides music, singing or listening to music, etc., there is a way of confronting a number of crimes, so joining it is a waste of faith and haram.

واللہ اعلم بالصواب

Attend Garba, Dandiya, Navratri

By: Mufti imran Ismail memon hanfi Chishti

Teacher Darul Uloom Rampura Surat Gujarat India.

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