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Is it permissible to dine at Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonald’s in Pakistan, is the food served there halal or haram?


If the meat or chicken served in the above mentioned restaurants is indeed sacrificed in accordance with shariah, also the ingredients used,

cooking oil etc is confirmed to not contain any haram contents, and it is surely confirmed and proven, then it is permissible to eat, otherwise not.

Also, it is also required to make sure that the meat used has not been sacrificed with machines.

Therefore, unless one is not sure of all the above mentioned facts, it is better avoided.

Mufti dabhel gujarat hazrat aqdas mufti ahmad khanpuri d.b.ne have reported that if pig meat is used there, and the spoons and other utensils are not used with precaution,

and even if other halal meat comes in contact with it, it is not permitted.

Quran surah anaaam ayat 121

Surah nahl ayat 115

Sahih muslim

Hazarat mufti husain karanchi d.

Note: the proof of halal meat by a non Muslim organisations, signed papers,or a Muslim waiters confirmation should not be taken into consideration.

Mufti affan waris

Darul fatawa wal qazaa
Jamia binmoria karanchi

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